A Historical Church

The Antioch Church was organized in 1853.  The organizing pastor was Reverend Moses E. Lard, a well-known evangelist of the day.

The original sanctuary was erected in 1859 and actively served the congregation until 1957.  The old building - recently restored - is now a registered, local historical site maintained by current church members.  It is utilized for special occasions of worship, weddings, etc.

Antioch became a "Community Church" in 1930 and is part of the International Council of Community Churches.  It has faithfully served people of all faiths throughout the Northland of Kansas City since its original inception.

The Antioch Church has been an important landmark in Southern Clay County since the mid-19th century.  The name of the church has been taken for Antioch Road, the Antioch Shopping Center, Antioch Middle School, et al.  Any members of old Antioch families are memorialized in streets and neighborhoods around the community, as well:  Davidson Road, Prather Road, Vivion Road and Winnwood, to name a few.

History of Leadership

  • Moses E. Lard (1853)
  • Fred V. Loos (1908-1930)
  • Carl A. Burkhardt (1930-1957)
  • Charles L. Duxbury (1955-1973)
  • Hubert W. Byrd (1973-1979)
  • Hugh Wamble (1979-1980, 1981-1983, 1986-1987)
  • Jon A. Wright (1980-1981)
  • Lamoine D. Waldron (1983-1986)
  • Gerald E. Brown (1987-2004)
  • George Campbell (2004-2005)
  • Harry F. Foockle (2005-Current)