Bear Ministry

The "Antioch Bear Ministry" began on August 1, 2009 after dedications of the Bears on August 1st and 2nd worship services. A Bear sits in each pew soaking up God's love in prayer, music and sermon before they are given to recipients that are ill, grieving, celebrating, or are sent to say someone loves them. Each Bear wears a tag that states

I have been living at the Antioch Community Church.
I have been loved by members, learned from sermons and scripture, and heard songs of praise.
I have been soaked in God's love and come to you with blessings of hope and love from our congregation.

You are welcome to choose a Bear to give. When you take one, we ask that you place $10 in an envelope marked "Antioch Bear Ministry" that can be found in the pews. The ministry will make sure there is a Bear in each pew at all times. Feel free to choose any of the Bears to give.

The $10 given for each Bear should sustain the ministry, but donations are also accepted.

We hope you will help us spread God's love and word through giving an "Antioch Bear".

Received an "Antioch Bear"? Tell us how your Bear is doing

Bear Tracker

The Bear Tracker serves as a place to see how the ministry has affected people's lives. If you have received an Antioch Bear and wish to have your story included in the Bear Tracker, please tell us about your bear below.

How Is Your Bear Doing?

Please let us know how your bear is doing. If you would like to have this information posted in Bear Tracker, please let us know by selecting Yes in the final question below.