Our Mission Is:

"Go therefore and make Disciples of all Nations, Baptizing them in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you."



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About Us

All are welcome at Antioch. This is a place of warm, compassionate atmosphere where membership and participation is open to people from all denominations and religious backgrounds.

Coffee and conversation before worship on Saturday and Sunday.

We offer many opportunities for Spiritual Enrichment, including: 

  • Sunday School for adults and children
  • Adult Bible Study (seasonal on Tuesday mornings and Sunday evenings)
  • Daughters of Antioch (a mission's organization for all women of the church who meet at 12:30 pm on the second Thursday of the month, excluding July and August)
  • Jo’s Girls (a mission’s organization for all women of the church who meet monthly on a Saturday)
  • Monthly fellowship breakfast for Antioch men
  • Dinner for Six (congregation members meet for dinners- takes place seasonally)

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Questions about the Antioch Community Church

  1. What does your church believe?
    We have people here from many different Christian faith backgrounds. In general, we have three basic beliefs that we pretty much share in common: we believe in God, as God is made known to us in the Scriptures and in the person of Jesus, the Christ, and the faith in response to God's grace is what makes persons right with God; we believe that Jesus, in some way, by his life and death and resurrection brings God's grace and forgiveness to us and we believe that love for other believers after the example of Jesus is the most critical matter for unity in faith and fellowship.
  2. Are you affiliated with any denomination?
    No. Antioch Community Church is a charter member of the International Council of Community Churches (ICCC), headquartered in Chicago. But the ICCC is not a denomination. It is a fellowship of churches similar to our own. The ICCC does not interfere in any way with our polity, policies, programs, or procedures. We are a congregationally-governed, committee administered church.
  3. Do you have open or closed communion?
    Our congregation regularly partakes of Holy Communion on the first Sunday of each month and as other special occasions during the year. All services of Communion are open to anyone who has faith in Christ; they need not be members of this church in order to partake.